Let’s see.  Besides a place for me to dump my thoughts, Stableruminathans gives me an organized space to delve into my passions and possibly shake up some interest in these areas for other people.  At my core I’m an explorer, a linguist, an environmentalist, a writer, and an emulsifier.  I want to bring people together to create, be passionate in their work, and gain perspective.

I’ve worked in a mosquito lab on plant/mosquito ecological interactions, served at two U.S. National Parks for invasive species removal, experienced the always-surprising faces of retail, and now I’m in South Korea teaching English through the Fulbright ETA program.  Going from a biology degree to teaching English may not intuitively make tons of sense, especially with my lack of explicit teaching experience.  But, I have a lot of human experience and the drive to continue meeting people, understand more, and make connections.  Follow me along my journey.

Korean Mailing Address:

Seowon-gu Gaesin-dong 707
4th Floor, Apt #402
Cheongju-si Chungbuk
South Korea