2020 – A Year’s Worth of Rumination

Heading into 2020, I had recently moved back to Chicago from Asia and despite not knowing where the future would take me, I sensed that 2020 would be one for the history books.

With a little Christmas wine in my system, the 2020 reflection project was born. On the last day of each month of the year, I journaled about not only what happened that day, but also where I was at in my headspace in terms of emotions, goals, and more. This project was also meant to highlight the collective narrative of multiple people experiencing 2020, so I invited a group of friends to join me in reflection.

The current group stands at nine including myself:

Name Location
Nathan (NS)Chicago, IL
Emily (E)Korea / U.S.
Nicole (N)Chicago, IL
Amanda (A)Washington, D.C. / CT
Gigi (G)NYC / Norway
Jordan (J)MN / Chicago, IL
Paige (P)Korea
Kyle (K)Korea
WB (W)Washington, D.C. / Las Vegas

Follow along with our 2020 narratives and get to know our stories and how they may have been similar or differed from your own. There’s a lot of empowerment in deliberate and (especially) shared reflection, so please leave a comment about how 2020 treated you! 2020 proved to be unprecedented in many ways and I’m sure there will be many more surprising twists and turns to come out of it in the wake of the new year.