Gigi – NYC

Contributor on ‘2020 – A Year’s Worth of Ruminations’

January 31, 2020

Strange creatures dissipate from view as dream fog melts to early morning fog.

Need coffee.

Check my phone for what dog walks I have today – nice side gig between seasonal jobs, makes me happy.

I have a few today. I hope they’re sweet.

Familiar faint knot appears in my stomach as I sip my tub-like cup of joe.

Accepted a job on an urban farm in Boulder. Leave early March, need to buy the plane ticket. I hope I can balance work and maid-of-honor duties for my sister.

I hope I get rejected from those grad schools I applied to so I don’t have to leave the job I just accepted. They seem so kind and I don’t want to hurt them. 

Start the day. 

Smile and say ‘good morning’ to the folks. 

Give dad a hug.

Tell them I’ll be out for a few hours and see the disappointment wash over their faces, the same faces they had when I said I accepted the job in Colorado. 

They want me close to home, and I wish I wanted to be too. 

Set out to see happy creatures.

Two were lovely, one a treasure, one a very scared meanie.

Can’t all be winners.

Stuffed my face at 2, beer at 4.

Another beer at 5 – it’s Friday, you know. 

All can be covered with some good beers and a little television. 

Told myself I’d read more in 2020. Whoops!

Dinner with the folks. 

They leave on Monday for an entire week to Costa Rica!

Immensely jealous!

Watch a movie with them while the girlfriend is out dancing with friends 4000 miles away. I asked if she wanted to go out dancing when I was over there to visit. She didn’t.

Take a bath and wash away the day.

Always wash away the day.

Slip a melatonin under the tongue. 

Slide back to the amorphous fog of far off lands and alien creatures.